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Online vibration monitoring for Ariel compressors

Monitoring vibration levels is one proven method to track machine health and perform preventive maintenance before unscheduled downtime occurs.

Imbu offers vibration kits with mounting hardware for Ariel compressors and Waukesha & Caterpillar gas engines.

Please send your inquiry to to find out how surprisingly affordable our standardized kits really are!


IMVIB vibration analyzer

IMBU field transmitter

The IMBU field transmitter makes operational data available for analysis on your iPad. Data is uploaded via cellular networks to a secure server for maximum availablity. The system is suitable for challenging environments with low bandwidth or poor coverage.

Any equipment that communicates via Modbus, J1939, HART, digital or analog signals can be connected. Examples include power meters, flow meters, accelerometers, temperature and pressure sensors.


IMBU field transmitter

IMBU iPad app

All data is available for analysis through our iPad app.

Discover how performance evolves over time with easy to read graphs. Quickly spot trends and abnormalities while you are in your office, on site or on the road.


IMBU iPad app

Read these case-studies to discover how IMBU has positively
impacted companies from the United States to Kazakhstan.

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