Remote monitoring of compressor performance

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A proven solution

IMBU has been monitoring and analyzing compression equipment in the most remote places on the planet for several years. A proven solution which works under the toughest conditions!

The most affordable

A complete solution for every compressor: A combination of IMBU hardware, software and cloud infrastructure that offers unparalleled crank-angle referenced vibration- and contextual analysis.

1. Plug and play hardware

IMBU's turn-key hardware kits are designed to operate in the most hostile conditions. Installation is simple and quick. Complete plug-and-play, ready to use kits available for Ariel compressors.

2. Big Data cloud storage

Secure and unlimited data storage & uptime guarantees are a standard part of IMBU's product offering while allowing permanent & simultaneous access to multiple users.

3. Web and mobile applications

IMBU's web-suite allows deep & detailed analysis using a web-browser. Users can also build their own performance-dashboards. The iPad App offers an efficient way to review all operational data with access to months or years of historical data, including when users are offline.

Monitor and analyze

Analyze in real-time

The IMBU web-suite offers unprecedented analysis tools, all available online through a standard Google Chrome web-browser.
Crank-angle reference vibration analysis, visualized through waterfall diagrams are served in parallel with substantial amounts of process- and engine-related contextual data.
This allows users to quickly recognize the early stages of an upcoming failure or optimize compressor-efficiency.

3D Waterfall Graphs

IMBU's Web-suite offers 3D waterfall diagrams, which can be manipulated freely, using nothing more than a standard web-browser. Users can zoom-in, rotate or float over the 3D landscape in order to find discontinuities. While hovering over the 3D waterfall, the labels in the 2D contextual data move, fully time-synchronized, allowing the user to understand all process- and engine parameters at any point on the waterfall diagram.

Detailed Driver Monitoring

To also allow detailed monitoring of the driver, IMBU picks-up detailed operational data from the gas-engine management. Depending on which driver is being used, this includes e.g. combustion times, detonation levels, exhaust-gas temperatures and secondary ignition voltages.


Vibration analyzer

IMVIB is an advanced vibration analysis module, specially developed for reciprocating machinery.

Field transmitter

IMBU's data transmitter is built for hostile environments with unreliable cellular networks.


A precise and robust accelerometer and wiring system, covered by a life-time warranty.

Angle encoder

A plug-and-play hardware kit to relay the precise crankshaft angle of Ariel compressors.

Case studies


Zhaikmunai LLP uses IMVIB to monitor all 15 of their field gas compressors. Their primary production asset is the Chinarevskoye oil-field, located in the North-West of Kazakhstan. Its operation includes an LPG-plant with several reciprocating and screw-compressors.

United States

GFS Corp develops systems that allow large, high horsepower diesel engines to operate on a combination of natural gas and diesel fuel. Their bi-fuel systems are used worldwide in mine haul trucks and in the stationary power sector to reduce fuel costs and emissions.


Seplat operates several oil-fields in the Niger Delta. They use reciprocating oil-pumps in order to operate the oil-transmission pipelines. IMBU provides Seplat with a valuable live data-stream allowing detailed analysis of operational issues which were previously unavailable. This has resulted in multiple improvements and drastically increased the overall pump availability.

As seen in Compressortech2:

Remote notes: IMBU products extract equipment data out of isolated areas.

By DJ Slater from Compressortech2

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What our clients say:

"IMBU has been a sound investment; we are intending to install it on all new reciprocating compressors." Volker Kraus

Maintenance manager, Zhaikmunai LLP

"With IMBU we are able to give our customers real time information about their fuel savings, and the operation of their generators throughout their 24 hour operating schedule directly via e-mail or displayed on their iPads." Lanny Slater

Director of Sales, GFS Corp

"The investment in IMBU was definitely justified, we are looking forward to adding IMVIB monitoring to all of our gas compressors as well!" Orazbek Sadu

Maintenance manager, OMV Petrom

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